Neuburg is a fictional station on the Rhaietian Railway (RhB) set in the region of Graubunden in the north west of Switzerland.

The period is 1913 when steam engines were being used on this 1 metre gauge network which traversed some very difficult mountain terrain in Switzerland and on into Italy. The 1 meter gauge was chosen to allow much tighter radius curves, provide a smaller footprint for civil engineering and tunnels in the alpine region.

The network opened up access to a series of health resorts, which evolved into winter sports centres such as Davos, Arosa and St Moritz, as well as providing a lifeline for local communities delivering supplies and transporting produce.

The track layout is a classic Swiss 3 line station allowing passing trains on the single track mainline together with a medium size locomotive servicing facility.

The outbreak of WW 1 created a problem for Swiss railways as all coal was imported and supplies became very restricted. This prompted the government to implement a strategic policy to electrify the lines using the plentiful local resource of hydro electric power. This process was implemented in 1913 and completed in 1922 leading to a much earlier demise of steam traction than in this country.

The layout is digitally controlled, buildings are a mix of kit and scratch built with some 3d printed components. Track is Peco 12mm Hom, locomotives and rolling stock are from Bemo, STL, D & R and Ferro Suisse.