Emley Lane

Emley Lane is a small industrial area on the edge of a North East town that can be set between the mid 1950's and the mid 1990's. The track plan includes a " 5 3 3 Inglenook Shunting Puzzle".

Track is Peco code 100 but has been made more prototypical by increasing the sleeper spacing to 10mm. It has been wired so that it can operate as DC or DCC. Points are operated by "wire in tube" and incorporate a switch that changes the frog polarity.

Rolling stock Is all "off the shelf" and is mainly Bachmann with some Hornby, Dalpol and Heljan, all have been weathered where necessary and fitted with small tension lock couplings. The layout is operated by the "Big Hand from the Sky".

All buildings are scratch built using downloadable printed kits and brick papers from the internet, however no building has been built as intended, they have all been heavily modified to suit their location.